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Welcome to the Commotion Project Developer Wiki!


This Wiki is for unsupported documentation, works in progress, and project and development notes.

All official and supported documentation is available on the main Commotion Wireless site.

You can also check out our source code on our Github account.

Community and Discussion

Please join one or more of our mailing lists to get updates on major project milestones, development progress, and/or general information about the project:

Folks are also communicating via IRC in #commotion on (or for a web client).

Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the main Commotion site at

Downloads and Code

All Commotion source code is hosted on GitHub at Stable and Nightly software builds can be found on the Commotion download page (

All code for the Commotion project is available to download, with no warranty or guarantee of any kind, under the terms of the GNU GPL Version 3, unless otherwise stated.

Getting Involved

We need developers, organizers, technical writers, and folks to help with outreach. We're also looking for people with extensive international experience and networks as we begin the second phase of our work on Commotion, which focuses on international deployments.

If you are interested in contributing to Commotion in any of these capacities, please sign up for our mailing lists, create an account in our issue tracker, and get in touch!

Wiki Help

See the Wiki Help section for examples of doing various tasks on this wiki.

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