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Top Level Priorities


Mesh networks have unique capabilities to address modern threats to Internet access and freedom of communication for at-risk populations. These Device-as-Infrastructure networks are naturally robust and can provide local Intranet access even when existing infrastructure has been deliberately disabled. Commotion's primary threat/security priority is aimed at ensuring and increasing the robustness of a local Commotion mesh. As a infrastructural tool Commotion allows various other secure tools to be run on top of its mesh. Without a functional mesh all other aspects of Commotions security model are nullified.


In an environment where Commotion is needed because other existing infrastructure is inaccessible, monitored or censored the second priority is to ensure that traffic sent over the Commotion mesh is secured from prying eyes. To this end Commotion is aimed to create general encryption across the mesh network for all clients, to allow clients using Commotion to use greater end-to-end encryption on top of the existing mesh encryption, and to allow other security tools to be used on Commotion networks easily so that a users existing operation-security practices do not have to be changed in order for them to securely communicate over a Commotion mesh.

Secondary Priorities

Identity Management



NOTE: of Identities per Serval Key Ring