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Commotion-Android v1 Script

Prep Work

This script assumes at least one live Commotion node and two Android phones for testing. Commotion-Android should be preloaded on a supported phone, both to save time and to avoid testing the usability of the rooting process. Both the live node and one Android phone should be configured using Commotion defaults. One Android phone should be given a new profile, assigning it to a separate Commotion network.

General Testing Guidelines

  • Explain briefly what Commotion is about.
  • Briefly walk through the testing process
  • Explain that this is a test of the software and UI, not the user
  • Encourage the user to think out loud and talk about even minor thoughts
  • Take notes. Record the process if possible.
  • Debrief afterward and give the user room to talk

Testing Procedures

  1. Collect demographic info using the Android user expertise survey
  2. Give working phone to user
  3. Ask them to find and start Commotion
  4. Ask the scripted questions
  5. Give non-working phone to user and explain that this phone is configured for a different Commotion network.
  6. Ask them to start Commotion and join the existing network. Feel free to volunteer network IDs or settings as needed.
  7. Ask, generally, whether the UI provides meaningful information, and ask them to elaborate
  8. File report per post-testing procedures


  1. How did you determine whether you were connected to the mesh?
  2. How would you join a different mesh network?
  3. Can you describe the network?
    1. Can you tell how many 1- or 2-hop neighbors you have?
  4. Could you tell whether there was an internet gateway on the mesh?
  5. Can you tell whether Commotion is using your phone's data plan for internet access?
  6. Can you tell whether Commotion is encrypting connections?
  7. Can you tell whether any services (e.g., Cryptocat) are running on the mesh?

Post-Testing Procedures

  1. Save survey results along with user expertise notes
  2. File survey results in wiki by date and/or event
  3. Notify relevant dev teams of survey/testing results