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2012 Android UI User Feedback 1

User Information

  • Android user for 2 years
  • Current data plan is theoretically unlimited but is throttled
  • Use wifi networks whenever possible
  • I have:
    • rooted your Android phone?
    • unlocked your Android's bootloader?
    • written or contributed to an Android application
  • I frequently use my phone for:
    • Cellular phone calls
    • Text or multimedia messaging
    • Navigation


Finding app and turning it on:

  • Hard to find MeshTether when I'm looking for Commotion
  • Icon seems to have a lot of dead space around it. Seems small.
  • Easy to open
  • Even having done this 100 times, I always forget to click the tiny commotion icon to start the mesh. Some sort of guidance, whether written or visual, would be helpful
  • Startup info is nice. I don't really care what it's doing, but I like seeing that it's doing something
  • Except for Bug, joins default network just fine
    • Bug: If viewing the Info pane when olsrd starts, Links pane stays blank when you switch to it

Interface notes:

  • As a developer, I'm ok with the list of IP addresses and link quality as the mesh visualizer
  • I would like to see more of the network topology, not just a list of links
  • A fully formed help section would be nice
    • LQ and NLQ are basically meaningless without looking them up
    • I think the two-arrow icon means internet uplink, but I'm not sure and have no way to check
    • Some guidance on the various settings would be REALLY helpful
  • I can tell Commotion is running, but there's no visual indicator that I'm connected as a mesh node, not just as an AP client. Instead of using the standard wifi indicator in my toolbar, I would prefer whatever icon one of the desktop clients uses to indicate an adhoc connection
  • Now that I'm connected, what do I do? We need to show some benefit to joining the mesh instead of just being an AP client. This will probably be less of an issue once the service discovery and dashboard tools are finished.
  • Cellular Data Issues:
    • I can't tell whether I'm sharing my cellular data plan. I want a really clear indicator somewhere.
    • If there is no internet uplink, I want the option of using my data plan
    • If I can use my data plan, I want the option of sharing it, and I want it off by default
  • Not clear whether node-to-node traffic is encrypted. I must assume no.
  • Not clear who owns neighboring nodes, or whether they're trusted. I must assume they are not.

Troubleshooting/Joining a different mesh:

  • Not clear how to use a different profile, and I would be hesitant to wing it in the settings
  • If I update the settings, can I save my new settings as a profile?