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Installing Commotion Linux

The Linux application bundle components for the Commotion Wireless project

Commotion wireless is currently packaged only for Ubuntu Linux, but porting these packages to other platforms should be straightforward.

Source code is available on GitHub: To install Commotion for Ubuntu: 1) Confirm that you have a wireless adapter whose driver supports both the cfg80211 kernel interface and ibss mode. A list of drivers that support these features can be found at You can check to see if your system has any of these drivers loaded with the following command:

lsmod | grep -e ath5k -e ath6kl -e ath9k -e ath9k_htc -e b43 -e b43legacy -e carl9170 -e iwlegacy -e iwlwifi -e mac80211_hwsim -e orinoco -e p54pci -e p54spi -e p54usb -e rndis_wlan -e rt61pci -e rt73usb -e rt2400pci -e rt2500pci -e rt2500usb -e rt2800usb -e rtl8187 -e wl1251 -e wl12xx -e zd1211rw

If you get no output from this command, then none of these drivers is loaded. Your system may still be capable of establishing a basic mesh connection, but you may not be able to join an encrypted mesh. 2) Download all packages available at, and install them with cd $DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY then sudo dpkg -i *.deb. You will almost certainly see errors during this process - resolve them with: sudo apt-get install -f then sudo dpkg -i *.deb again.

3) Restart your user session (log out and log back in on your computer) to add Commotion-Mesh-Applet to your task bar. If you are using Ubuntu and running Unity (the default), the Commotion-Mesh-Applet will appear in the upper-right corner of your screen. If you are using Gnome3, the Commotion-Mesh-Applet will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen when you hover. 4) Click the Commotion icon and choose a Commotion profile to connect to the mesh. Note that your regular wireless connection will be disabled during this process, and will remain disabled for as long as the mesh is active.

5) To restore your computer's standard wireless behavior, choose Disconnect in the Commotion-Mesh-Applet menu.

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