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Quickstart Report 1

*Submitted by:* Commotion Dev Team member


  • Should be a big obvious button on front page for quick start “Get Started” (like the website)
  • Back button doesn't work. (Which pages?)
  • Start over button doesn't work. (Which pages?)
  • Fields should use OpenWRT theme markup (ed. Upload field is not defined in css)

Make it work workflow

Welcome page

  • “First, the wizard will scan to see if there are any existing mesh networks in your area.”
    • This doesn't lead into/prompt the button options “Manual Configuration” & “Just Make it Work”. There should be a prompt for the buttons.

Please Choose your Mesh Names

  • Network name and Node name are switched
  • network name default should be “”
  • node name default should be “commotion”?
  • Will nodes mesh if they have a different network name? (should say something to this effect)
  • “first part of the name people will see when they search for your wireless network” ← this is unclear. Search how?
  • First part, second part? What does this mean? Give example.

Your Network

  • doesn't show the node name I chose.
  • Reversed node name and network name.
  • After reboot, profile page shows 12 unsaved changes. But once I click on that, there are no unsaved changes.

Manual Workflow

Setup Wireless Connection sharing

  • (this is unclear)
  • “Would you like to allow anyone to connect to your node?” (what does this mean?)
  • Setup a Private Access Point (maybe 'Secure Access Point'?)

Setup a Splash Page

  • margins between fields
  • -'\n' in blurb-
  • define “splash page”
  • different fonts in different fields
  • -typos: “pages's terms of service..”-
  • capitalize URL
  • populate with default entries (like IP address of router in homepage field)
  • doesn't accept IP address in homepage field
  • needs “http:” ← this should be checked for * validation should be done server-side, not client-side === Setup Mesh Application Advertising === * -“connected to your node?\nYou will be”- * what does “node” mean? Ppl need common vocabulary * “application portal” mentioned in button, but nowhere else * “I don't want to let me node advertise applications” === Network Security Settings === * -“key and/or password.\nRemember”- * define difference between key and password (passphrase?) * what special characters? * “generate a new keyFile” * key file, keyFile, keyfile * buttons unclear === Setup is complete! === * “Check below to see if your node is connected to any other nodes in the area.” ← does it do this? === Aftermath === * Somehow I got uhttpd to freak out after running through the quickstart ~98% CPU * it used my node name as the access point name, as sec-ap name, as ad-hoc name, OpenWrt as hostname. this is incorrect * wlan0 has same IP address as eth0