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Quickstart Report 2

(Preston) I flashed Commotion DR1 onto a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2.

I navigated to the router's admin page by entering Would be interesting if this could eventually be a standard “commotion.mesh” or “admin.commotion” or something.

First page asks me to set a password, AND to choose either manual configuration or “just make it work.” It would be best if the password dialog didn't show up, and if the two buttons were as large as the buttons on the front page of Commotion Wireless:

I choose “Just make it work.” Go through making it work. When I name the node and I name the network, the defaults don't change on the next page, or throughout the guide.

Continue, and eventually reach the “Profiles” page. Here, there are no communities listed to join. There's an extraneous “save” button above “profiles” as well as the more prominent “Save & apply,” “Save,” etc buttons below. If I just choose “Save & apply” it takes me right back to “profiles.” If I click “save” above or below, same thing. If I click “mesh configuration (profile)” under “Commotion,” I get right back to Profiles. If I click “admin” it goes right back to “Profile.” This is a showstopper.

When Ryan and I tried to see if our routers would mesh, we couldn't see anything in routes or OLSR-viz. Also I can't connect wirelessly to an AP - my assumption based on clicking “Network>WiFi” is that, without completing Profiles or Quickstart in general, the AP does not get turned on. Only the mesh radio does, and that still doesn't mesh.

After this I just clicked around randomly to see what other problems there are. When I click REMOTE UPGRADE the statement “this section contains no values yet” appears.

The display of information in Syslog is bloated and awkward, the visuals could be tweaked.

When I click Stats>graph, the text “no password set” appears even though I did that at the very beginning.