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Understanding of Terminology: Survey Process

Create survey

Background Questions

Gather background information on participants who have elected to take the survey:

Exposure to [[Glossary]]

Have you ever used a mesh network before?

  • No
  • Yes, as a client
  • Yes, as a maintainer

Have you ever set up, managed, or troubleshooted a wireless network?

What is your first language?

Awareness of features

How many times have you used … on Commotion?

  • Defined glossary
  • Tool tips
  • Inline tips
  • Help icon tips
  • Contact Us/Report A Bug

Test specific terms

Use A|B image comparisons or mock-ups of installation screens to solicit feedback on/rankings of different terminology explanations and presentations

Ask for suggestions

Do you have any recommendations to help us improve our terminology?

Gather data

Place links on strategic pages throughout the website:

  • Home page
  • Download
  • Installation manual
  • Detroit, Red Hook, AMC

Share Results

  • A list of terminology
  • Preferred
  • Not preferred
  • Unknown
  • A list of presentation/explanation strategies
  • Successful
  • Known, but not utilized
  • Unknown, and not utilized
  • Harmful
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Top 5 Problems
  • Recommendations to Proceed