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Hackday Agenda, February 1, 2013

This agenda is ambitious. To help make best use of the time, a couple of suggestions should be held in mind.

The primary outcome of this hackday is to clarify the work and priorities in 2013 for the core development team within OTI working on Commotion. OTI’s field operations team is being included to help understand the touchpoints between both software development and field testing/network implementation.

The other outcome for the hackday should be a list of topics and questions to explore in subsequent meetings and discussions, internal and external, to be planned after the hackday.

The times are just suggestions which the participants may choose to expand or collapse as needed. Facilitation will be utilized to keep discussion focused.


9AM to 9:15AM - Breakfast (provided)

9:15AM to 9:30AM - Tech Strategic Plan Overview High level walk through of 2013 strategic plans for Commotion, including 2013 deliverables for tech from various funders. Assumes Commotion as a coherent, idealized finished project then walks back through funded activities and deliverables to help establish intermediate priorities but ensure work ultimate syncs up with the longer term ideal.

9:40AM to 11AM - Development roadmap What does the team still need to do? What is the end goal? What are our priorities? How do we hand off between teams and collaborators? What are the next steps/assignments?

11:10AM to 12:30PM - Field / Tech Team Timelines, Tasks and Roles Develop a schedule, tasks and roles so that OTI’s field team can better collaborate on research, design, testing and documentation as they undertake activities on existing testbeds and deployments. Roles will be clarified in this item specifically as they relate to development and deployment collaboration. Tasks will also be identified that are key to collaborative efforts, for example where there are interdependencies or combined outputs.

12:30PM to 1:30PM - Lunch

1:30PM to 2:50PM - Field trial planning Identify roles, responsibilities and high level thought around the planned field tests and deployments. Cultivate enough material for separate agenda(s) for future discussions. In particular, spot any critical path dependencies from the development side and ensure those are represented in the development roadmap and strategic plan.

  • Research lab testing plan, i.e. controlled RF lab with advanced control and simulation capabilities
  • Lab for testing on OTI’s internal platform, including targeted test activities
  • Domestic testbeds: remote testing and field testing plan
  • International field tests: OTI’s field team can discuss where they are in terms of planning these key funded activities.
  • Serval / OpenBTS testing: ideas, plan, license, etc.
  • User Testing & Feedback (development communities & end user communities)
  • * Digital Stewards courses as opportunities for testing new tools/features
  • * Mesh Meetup Communities

3PM to 4:20PM - Outreach Understand the line between an outreach/manager person for the development community and the more general PR needs of promoting the work we're doing (both process and community based).

4:30PM to 5PM (Starting sooner if earlier topics take less time) A report back if necessary to help capture any key findings, discussions to be documented on the wiki, followed by any additional optional activities (may relate to OTI internals.)

Dev team introspective (time allowing)

  • What's working, what's not: Where are we working well as a team and what processes need improvement.
  • Internal Communication: How can we improve project communications so there's less confusion about what's going on at OTI.

Apps (time allowing) Continuation of an OTI internal discussion from the day before. Discussing the roles, needs and capabilities of internal and external developers as well as network implementers. Relates to the 2013 goal of building up more of the application development and hosting environment provided by Commotion.

Meeting Notes

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