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 +h1. Hackday, 2013 Mar 01
 +h2. Agenda
 +* 9:00AM Breakfast
 +* 9:15AM Interest map - a facilitated,​ interactive exercise to identify the interests by topic, skill or expertise within the Commotion team at OTI to help with planning, especially aligning priorities with people.
 +* 9:45AM Hacking
 +** Priority will be in finishing tasks on DR1 with any time remaining spent on preparation for DR1 testing and  development for the next rolling release.
 +** In parallel we will be performing a security audit on a selected laptop in support of cultivating best practices and procedures for both assessing technical risks for any given laptop, within the team, the org and amongst collaborators and allies.
 +* Noon - Lunch
 +* 1:00PM - Continue hacking
 +* 4PM - Security audit reportback
 +* 5PM-ish - General hackday progress reportback
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