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Testing Cryptocat Over Commotion

Summary: Set up a Cryptocat server on an Ubuntu laptop running as a Commotion node. Another laptop associated with a Commotion AP and was able to join or create chats. Due to space limitations, we were unable to test multi-hop chats.

Setup and Installation: No difficulty compiling or installing Cryptocat. Configuration was simple, but may need better instructions for use on local networks without DNS. Secure Apache configuration is likely to remain the the most difficult aspect of setup for most users.

Next Steps:

  • Improve Commotion service discovery
  • Build Commotion-Linux package to standardize current set of custom scripts
  • Discuss service integration model for non-embedded Commotion platforms
  • Investigate ways that Cryptocat could be integrated into Commotion-OpenWRT

Commotion-OpenWRT Piratebox

see Pirate Box

*“David Darts OpenWRT implementation”:

Commotion OpenWRT-VPN

* Not worked on, but I found a cool tutorial for when we start working on it again

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