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h1. Proposed Agenda for Tech Hack Day 6/28/2013

The focus of this hack day will be to implement information architecture changes to the website. A development instance of the live site will be used to reorganize and update site content which will be rolled out to the live site after the hack day. Several staff have worked on this project, providing input and feedback for a new site IA. Georgia and Chris have synthesized this feedback into a “proposed IA”: , available for review and comment by OTI team members.


Goal: Implement IA Changes to

*9:15 - ~9:45am* * Discuss IA proposals and consense on action plan for page/menu reorganization

*~9:45am - 12pm* * Assign pages * Execute page/menu changes, sub-pages

h2. Lunch 12-1pm


Goal: Get updated & accurate for DR1.1

* Identify additional content that needs to be updated * Identify content to move from wiki

h2. NEXT STEPS 4-5pm

Goal: Identify and prioritize next steps for website team to work on, for example: * Complete any low-hanging fruit tasks identified during the hack day * Change logo from javascript fade-in to static image * IA work on * Identifying content that is elsewhere (google docs, Sparkleshare, etc) that should be on one or the other site * Identifying placement of vendor oursourced content that is forthcoming

h2. Outcomes

* Post-hack day, we will be forming a Commotion site review team consisting of members across relevant OTI teams, to establish content governance and strategy documentation with the input of additional OTI staff, to review future updates to and to enact those changes.

h3. Hack Day outcomes * New menu structure and related pages created/updated * Content from identified and/or migrate to related pages on * Some work on site theme * Great discussions of ideas for future site features, content, structure and audiences.

h3. Next steps * Finish content updating/writing identified * Perform a complete site theme audit and update * Gather data on audience, use, etc. through analytics and user feedback * Form site advisory committee

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