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 +====== Hackday-71912 ======
 +Hey Hey its a hackday!
 +  * Continued work on:
 +    * mDNS services
 +    * Tidepools integration
 +    * integration
 +    * Trying out Serval'​s new Mesh Datagram Protocol
 +    * Creating new Commotion themes (for LuCI, redmine) based on Work Dept's HIG
 +    * Converting CommotionWRT to build against OpenWRT trunk
 +    * Rolling new CommotionWRT images
 +There will also be a server architecture discussion in the morning.
 +Other suggested tasks are welcome. I will unfortunately have to leave
 +for a couple hours in the early afternoon, but will be back afterwards.
 +For that reason, I would appreciate it if someone else would volunteer
 +to handle logistics for lunch. Suggested schedule for the day:
 +9am: Breakfast
 +9:​30am-11:​45am:​ Get started on tasks, server discussion
 +11:​45am-12:​45pm:​ Progress check-in over lunch
 +(~12:30pm to 1:45pm I'll be out)
 +12:​45pm-2:​30pm:​ Continue with work
 +2:30pm: Check-in on progress
 +(3pm check-in call with Work Dept.)
 +5pm: Summary & wrap-up
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