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 +====== Hackday-81012 ======
 +Overview of Day
 + =====
 +Came up with a plan to implement MDP on Commotion:
 +  * Testing Thruput of MDP as it stands right now compared to UDP and TCP
 +  * Doing some MDNS prerequisite work
 +  * Getting IPV6 Backhaul between mesh nodes
 +After that it will be a matter of configuration. So, easier then we first thought
 +Got Mesh Datagram serval code to ping localhost. We will probobly do a tool like iperf and test mesh datagram protocol.
 +Carved out placeholder for Commotion theme on the Redmine CSS . Waiting on CSS for drupal side to take it further. There will be a significant piece of the redmine site design that is not currently covered by current design contracts. ​
 +Got appropriate box made into a package for Commotion. ​
 +Began construction of UCI interface for client application end.
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