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h1. Hackday-110212

h2. Agenda

* Setup OpenBTS network * Demonstration of Fairwaves's work * Demonstration of Serval's work * Hack on integration between the work from Fairwaves and Serval

h2. Lessons Learned

* Got everything built * Everything configured to work together * Didn't get serval asterisk configured to work with openbts * Got serval mdp working across several devices * Still some issues with certain handsets running against openbts * Got architectural overview * Tested with UMTRX v2, UMTRX v1, and Range 5150

h2. Next Steps

* OpenBTS testing and bugfixes * Custom openbts build for 5150, including serval integration * Get serval integrated with commotion and running with openwrt * what will it take to integrate servald and meshtether

h2. Misc Dev Notes

* Commotion-OpenBTS-Dev_Notes

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