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h1. Hackday-121312

* We cannot use avahi's shell script

* we cannot parse avahi values unless we have dbus but it is too big
* Future to get info and start a custom parser in C

* Got secure plugin into a new plugin for mdp so that is pulls the key out of serval keyring and does the encryption from a SID that is then pulled out of the keyring which signs the traffic * fixed a bunch of bugs on how it is incompatable across a multiple platforms * cleared out issue que * started going through wiki content to see what we can do to port that cleanly to the live documentation * fixed build system * got daemon up and running * callback router was already done for laoding plugins and he kjust built a config parser. * Currently working on glueing these things together and then build a socket interface for manipulating the daemon then write a mac802.11 scanning plugin * abandoned work on customized LuCI template engine to call from other areas * Designed and started work on template based “Quick Start” tool for new users * Discovered the wonderful world of mash-ups

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