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02-01-2013 Hackday Outreach & Communication Notes


  • How do we correct the the Internet in a Suitcase misconceptions
  • How do we make Commotion less confrontational
  • How do we highlight Commotion's multi-use capabilities
  • How do we make our internal communications more transparent
  • What is preventing Commotion docs & ideas from “getting legs”
    • Look at communication efficiency
    • Look at team empowerment & support
    • Look at message generalization

How to address

  • Ensure entire team has up-to-date information
    • Generate short talking points for Commotion topics
    • identify our message(s)
    • What is transparent and what is internal
    • Update Commotion 1-pager
    • Numbers/figures all staff should know
    • Generate running list of questions/answers
  • Use stock/consistent language
    • What does/doesn't resonate with people
  • Look at document storage
    • ensure everyone knows what gets posted where
    • ensure everyone knows what to watch
  • How is the Commotion site broken
  • More user community traffic
  • Collaborative documents
  • SEO
  • Organize the wiki and keep it that way
  • Need nontechnical contributors to wiki documents
  • Commotion Wireless as a platform/distribution, not software package
    • more descriptive and inclusive than software
  • Communicate proactively
  • Push the website/mailing lists
  • Press
    • Deployments are invisible
    • Perception of Commotion as vaporware
    • Scrape the site & news for “the sentence”
  • After-action/field reports & lessons learned
  • How many nodes:How many users
  • Rebuild demo kit
  • Document everything
  • website data dashboard
  • What is good open source process
  • Blog posts, etc.
    • Who needs to OK posts
    • Short pithy blog posts
    • Humanize the blog
    • Posting credentials/whose name goes on posts
  • Tool fatigue
  • glossary
  • mediawiki
  • use mailing lists, even for partial answers
  • take hallway conversations to the lists
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