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This task list is a combination of DR2 work (dashboard, fixes, core improvements) and work needed for deployments and trainings (Linux and Android client parity work, community server work). We're currently on track for everything, thanks for your hard work everybody! Let me know if you have any questions.


  • libcommotion API: Create first version of Commotion C API. *Assigned:* Josh *Due:* 8/23
  • commotiond plugin loader: Create first version of commotiond plugin loader. *Assigned:* Josh *Due:* 8/23

Dashboard (Issue #132)

  • Testing scripts (Issue #532): Create, publish, document, and test proof-of-concept testing scripts. *Assigned:* Nat *Due:* 8/23
  • d3 dashboard (Issue #521): Create, publish, document, and test proof-of-concept dashboard based on ffmap-d3. *Assigned:* Nat, Georgia, Griffin
  • Due: 8/23
  • Littleboard module: Create, publish, document, and test proof-of-concept LuCI module. *Assigned:* Griffin *Due:* 8/16
  • LuCI interface (Issue #533): Add LuCI options for enabling/disabling dashboard support. *Assigned:* Seamus, Andrew *Due:* 8/23


  • * *NetworkManager integration bugfixes*: There are numerous bugfixes pertaining to integration between mesh-applet and NetworkManager *Assigned:* Jordan *Due:* 8/9
  • * *Add servald support*: Enable the ability for mesh-applet to query serval SID configuration information from profiles and configure OLSRd. *Assigned:* Jordan *Due:* 8/23
  • * *Add dnssd support*: Enable the ability for mesh-applet to configure dns-sd OLSRd plugin appropriately. *Assigned:* Jordan *Due:* 8/23
  • * *Package OLSRd dns-sd and mdp plugins*: Package our two extra plugins for Debian/Ubuntu. *Assigned:* Grady, Nat *Due:* 8/23
  • * *Create initial service browser*: Create analogue of commotion apps portal for Linux. *Assigned:* Dan *Due:* 8/23


  • * *Complete MeshTether refactoring*: This comprises remaining tasks around routes and support for Cyanogenmod API. *Assigned:* Will *Due:* 8/16
  • * *Add MDP and DNSSD OLSRd plugin support*: Add in initial support for MDP and DNSSD OLSRd plugins. *Assigned:* Will *Due:* 8/23
  • * *Package MeshTether and the service browser*: Create new APKs for MeshTether and Service Browser, and link the two together. *Assigned:* Will *Due:* 8/23
  • * *Additional IBSS-RSN debugging*: If possible, sufficiently debug wpa_supplicant's IBSS-RSN support such that it can be included in Cyanogenmod. *Assigned:* Will *Due:* Remaining time.


  • * *Dharamsala fixes and additions for LuCI interface*: There is a long list of fixes and feature requests from the Dharamsala workshop for interface improvements. We prioritize and then work down the list as far as possible. *Assigned:* Seamus, Andrew *Due:* 8/16
  • * *Initial buildsystem improvements*: Begin much-needed overhaul of Commotion-OpenWRT build system to help support custom images for deployments. *Assigned:* Josh *Due:* 8/31

Community Server (Supernode vs. Script showdown)

This is the long-needed and talked-about “community server” for Commotion. We need yet another apps server for the Summit, and we're done with one-offs! We can take one of two approaches for this, which I'm calling Supernode and Script (an OpenWRT-based “supernode” distribution, or a set of detailed application setup instructions and possible script to go along with the desktop Linux client) , and so the first task is a quick sprint to establish which one is feasible:

  • * *Establish feasibility of Supernode:* My preference would be for the Community Server to be a USB-stick-based outgrowth of the OpenWRT firmware, but there are many reasons why this might be more trouble than it's worth. *Assigned:* Griffin, Chris, Josh *Due:* 8/9

Based on that, we'll either take on these tasks:

  • * *Adapt Commotion-OpenWRT for USB extroot*: OpenWRT will need some configuration in order to adapt it to extroot booting. *Assigned:* Griffin, Chris, Grady, Josh *Due:* 8/16
  • * *Set up proof of concept app*: There should be at least one usable web app setup as a proof-of-concept on the new community server. *Assigned:* Griffin, Chris, Grady, Josh
  • * *Create x86 Bootable Commotion-OpenWRT image:* Probably more difficult than it sounds. *Assigned:* Griffin, Chris, Josh *Due:* 8/31

Or these tasks:

  • * *Create detailed install instructions for apps on Commotion-Linux*: We need detailed sets of instructions to setup a variety of applications on Commotion-Linux and advertise them over the Commotion network. *Assigned:* Griffin, Grady *Due:* 8/16
  • * *Write script to help automate process of installing apps*: This could be a bash or python script that helps to install dependencies and configure the applications. *Assigned:* Griffin, Grady *Due:* 8/16
  • * *Setup a proof-of-concept server using the instructions*: The most important part of this is testing. *Assigned:* Griffin, Grady *Due:* 8/16

Random Messaging Application

The other major goal is to have a proof-of-concept messaging application. The obvious candidate for this is Serval, but the API and integration work we need to work with it effectively is most likely not there and won't be for a while. I would appreciate any feedback on whether we should try and roll our own serval-based app, setup mediagrid or cryptocat, or something else.

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