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July 2013 Linux client tasks


  • *Complete Commotiond plugin support*
  • *Custom Avahi Daemon*: We need a customized dbus-enabled Avahi daemon that puts local service TTL values in the IP header of packets it multicasts.
    • We also need a way for the olsrd-dnssd plugin to distinguish multicast packets coming from the local Avahi daemon versus coming from other hosts. This could possibly happen by addressing Avahi packets to a non-standard multicast address, which gets re-addressed after being processed by olsrd-dnssd.
  • *Complete Serval key management API*
  • *Write Commotion service parser*: The OpenWRT service parser is currently a cron script, but ideally would be re-written as a daemon for the linux client so that it receives DBus events when new entries are added to the Avahi daemon's service cache. We also need to figure out where to store our Commotion local service list.
  • *Plan Application GUI*: This would include working with our design/UI folks to plan how the GUI will look and interact with the user. Part of this will include planning the integration of the following features:
    • *Zabbix support* (data collection settings)
    • *Mesh visualizer*
    • *Service browser*
    • *Documentation*
    • *Network status* (“main” page of the GUI)
  • *Refactor olsrd-dnssd*: This needs to be modified so it will blindly forward most multicast traffic, as p2pd does, but only mangle multicast packets from the local Avahi daemon. It should take the TTL value from the local packet's IP header, and set the olsrd header's TTL, then forward it on.
  • *Commotiond↔Network-manager integration*