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January-February 2013 ToDos

Please take ownership of one or more of these tasks, and keep them updated with your progress as you go; as usual I'll be watching all of them for updates and rendering active assistance to all members of the team to ensure that we stay on track.

Not all of this will make it into DR1, but as we move into a rolling-release arrangement we should start coming up with ideas for cool new features as well as addressing features related to our latest funding sources.


Items still needing work:

  • *Commotion Daemon* The Commotion daemon will handle profile management and mesh discovery on the OpenWRT firmware. OWNER: Josh
  • *Quickstart v2.0* This version of the quickstart is fully dynamically generated, and is being created in tandem with the new HIG theme from Work Department. OWNER: Seamus
  • *Android service browser* This is the Android equivalent of the application frontend for OpenWRT. OWNER: Will
  • *Retransmission of service advertisements* The local apps frontend needs to be able to re-transmit service advertisements. OWNER: Dan

Items yet to be started:

  • *Gateway selection support* We need to be able to allow users to choose which gateway they want to use, in case the network picks a bad or untrustworthy gateway for them. There's supposedly some obscure support for this in OLSRd SmartGateway.
  • *Android detection of Commotion-compatible apps* Should be easy and can be done in tandem with Guardian Project's work, but we should be able to display a whitelist of apps or ones that invoke a Commotion Intent in a page on the Commotion app, a la IBR-DTN for Android.

New Items:

  • *Gateway tunnel* It occurs to me that the case where we do not have transport encryption is standard network traffic travelling to gateway. As a stopgap, we should look at the feasibility of using n2n and/or the servald signing mechanisms to be able to establish an encrypted tunnel to whatever gateway is in use.
  • *Tidepools integration* We need someone to work with Georgia and Jonathan and the GNOME interns on what would be needed to add support for Commotion nodes pushing status information to tidepools, and potentially for Commotion services to show up on a Tidepools map in some fashion.
  • *Offline wiki* We should start examining the feasibility of creating a local wiki hosted on the mesh that has the ability to scrape and/or publish to online wikis such as Wikipedia.
  • *Mesh discovery library #359:* We need a reference implementation for discovering mesh networks and matching them to configuration profiles.
  • *Commotion-OpenWRT first-run configuration wizard #361:* Now that we have a basic interface, we should revise our startup to make it more dynamic. We need to be able to scan for mesh networks, match them against profiles, and let the user select one or create a new one. The interface should reflect the HIG mockups.
    • Sharing preferences back-end #425
    • Fix Segfault #427
    • Add rerun QS to admin menu #429
    • Document error types for UCI config #430
    • Create user friendly language for all QS copy #431
    • Create back end connections to Commotion daemon #432
    • Create mesh config file structure #433
    • (QS v2.0) Create template/module structure #435
  • *Service discovery browser #304:* Nodes need to advertise services over the mesh, scan for services on the mesh and on local networks, and advertise available services through the web interface. Some research will be needed to figure out whether we can do this with dnsmasq or if we need Avahi, and if so, tools and interfaces will need to be written around either one to make it possible.
    • Write Android MDNS browser #385
    • Write Luci service browser/service creation framework #386
    • Write Avahi service monitor to UCI translator #387
    • Write mechanism to rebroadcast service advertisements #440
  • *AuthSAE Integration #305:* Build AuthSAE into Commotion and set up a mesh link
  • *Gateway selection support #364:* create an interface to allow users to select their gateway based on certain criteria. This would ideally integrate with service advertisements and servald signing, so that we would have more criteria upon which to select than simple ETX.
  • *Dashboard client #362:* We need a small program capable of sending arbitrary JSON data to a particular destination address on the Internet. Currently being implemented using zeromq.
  • *Commotion-OpenBTS Packaging #363:* We need build and setup documentation including both Alexander's and Serval's work, as well as an idea of what a release would look like. This could be a customized version of Ubuntu, a script to configure an existing Linux system to work with our OpenBTS stack, or even integration of the stack into our x86 live firmware distro.
  • *Commotion-Android detection of Commotion-compatible apps #365:* This should be as simple as creating a menu that looks at installed applications and provides a link to launch them. Take a look at the IBR-DTN Android applications to get a good idea of what this would look like.
  • *Finalized OpenWRT theme #398:* Assigned to Work Dept
    • Ensure openwrt node stylesheet is mobile compatible #439
  • *Bug reporting tool #367:* We need to make it easier to report Commotion bugs!