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July 2013 To-Dos

Standards and Formats

  • *Commotion Public C API* There is already a prototype of this, it just needs to be integrated into the commotiond architecture. *Assigned: Josh*
  • *Finish and document commotiond plugin loader* This is about half done, but needs to be brought the rest of the way in order to implement some things like the plugin framework. *Assigned: Josh*
  • *Complete Serval key management API* – *Assigned: Grady*
  • *Write Commotion service parser*: The OpenWRT service parser is currently a cron script, but ideally would be re-written as a daemon for the linux client so that it receives DBus events when new entries are added to the Avahi daemon's service cache. We also need to figure out where to store our Commotion local service list.
  • *Document new default settings file format* This is the new configuration file format for commotiond. It is explicitly tied to the new wireless and addressing defaults, and like that task requires one or more brainstorming meetings.
  • *Document serval signing practices, identify new tools needed* This is a research project to document exactly how, under the existing software, one would sign or verify Serval keys. Besides documentation, the output from this should be identifying new tools needed to make it easier. *Dan/Grady interested*


  • *Publish proof-of-concept test scripts* In process, *Nat, Griffin, Seamus*
  • *Publish proof-of-concept customized d3 visualizer* *Georgia, Nat*
  • *Write LuCI menu for controlling reporting settings on nodes*


  • *IBSS-RSN Support* This is adding basic IBSS-RSN support into Mesh-Applet.
  • *Custom Avahi Daemon*: We need a customized dbus-enabled Avahi daemon that puts local service TTL values in the IP header of packets it multicasts.
    • We also need a way for the olsrd-dnssd plugin to distinguish multicast packets coming from the local Avahi daemon versus coming from other hosts. This could possibly happen by addressing Avahi packets to a non-standard multicast address, which gets re-addressed after being processed by olsrd-dnssd.
  • *Plan Application GUI*: This would include working with our design/UI folks to plan how the GUI will look and interact with the user. Part of this will include planning the integration of the following features:
    • *Data collection settings*
    • *Mesh visualizer*
    • *Service browser*
    • *Documentation*
    • *Network status* (“main” page of the GUI)
  • *Refactor olsrd-dnssd*: This needs to be modified so it will blindly forward most multicast traffic, as p2pd does, but only mangle multicast packets from the local Avahi daemon. It should take the TTL value from the local packet's IP header, and set the olsrd header's TTL, then forward it on.
  • *Commotiond↔Network-manager integration*


  • *IBSS-RSN Support* This is adding basic IBSS-RSN support into Meshtether. *Assigned: Will. Grady interested*
  • *Document Commotion app intent* Basically, we should decide on how an application installed on the device should indicate that it's a Commotion application. This would most likely just be documenting a specific intent. See however the IBR-DTN apps do it. *Dan is interested*
  • *Start deeper Serval application integration* This will probably start with a conversation with Paul et al, but we should also just see and document what hoops we have to jump through in order to get the current version of Serval working with the current version of Commotion. The person who takes on this task will organize those conversations, and head up testing. *Grady interested*
  • *ONGOING: Service Browser* Finalizing the service browser and making it available as part of the Commotion app. Ideally, this would also show the above installed apps alongside, but that may be a task for next month. *Assigned: Will; Dan is interested*
  • *ONGOING: modularize MeshTether core, add Cyanogenmod/upstream patch support* This is a big project, but this is basically teasing out the adhoc wrangling state machine from the rest of MeshTether, so that we can cleanly add in the 'proper' adhoc support alongside. This is a pre-requisite for posting to the market. *Assigned: Will*


  • *Edit serval integration to use OsmoBTS sqlite schema* This is one of the necessary pieces of switching to OsmoBTS. *Dan is interested*
  • *Develop OpenBTS to OsmoBTS transition plan* Document the extent to which we're going to support OpenBTS while we transition to OsmoBTS. Also document our decision to move to OsmoBTS. *Will/Andrew are interested*


  • *ONGOING: Quickstart v3.0* This is an ongoing project, which will likely be in part dependent on some of the standardization work. Should include Ryan/Andy/Will for input from workshop.
  • *ONGOING: Research open-source project management tools that integrate with Github* Our current system is obviously broken, so we need some better way of managing the wiki, issue tracker, support requests, and repositories. *Assigned: Andrew*