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Use Case Development

Developing a user profile

When adding a user to the list of users consider the following points

  • Does this user exist in another use case?

A user profile should have the following

  • what skills do we expect this user to have
  • what motivation does the user have to use Commotion
  • what are the desires of the user in relation to Commotion
  • A hypothetical story to introduce us to that user and their world

Developing a use case

When developing a specific use case, consider these factors for implementation:

  • Who is the user who the use case applies to?
  • What devices will the user be interacting with to achieve the use case?
  • What specific individual uses are users going to need?
  • What availability of electricity will there be?
  • Does the application require movement, or is it a static deployment?
  • What level of traffic will be sent over the mesh?
  • What is the rate of traffic that is required for your application?
  • How frequently does traffic vary?
  • What will the peaks and lows of traffic look like?
  • How many asynchronous users will be using the mesh?
  • What is the longest range of distance that needs to be covered?
  • What is the spread of coverage needed? (square footage, etc.)?
  • What type of traffic will the application utilize? One way, two ways, high one way with low response data sent?
  • What environmental conditions might affect the network? (rain, wind, trees, etc.)
  • What level of protection is needed for the data being sent?
  • The level of anonymity required for individual users of the mesh.

Create your own use case! Start with the prompts below:

Individual Uses: Electricity: Movement: Traffic: Number of users: Distance: Range: Direction of traffic: Environmental conditions: Sensitivity of data: Required anonymity: